Maguyak for a visit

sled dog at home with girl

This week was exciting for me (Paulina) as we got a visit from on of our  sled dogs at home- Maguyak which means howler in inuit. She is a mixed of a malamute and greenlandic dog and is 7 years old.

She is a sweet girl, and we enjoyed having her over.

We noticed few differences between a house pet and a working dog while having her with us, it was a great experience meeting a sled dog from a different perspective.

  • She did not bark when someone arrived in the house.
  • She was not found of balls.
  • She was eager to go out several times for a walk and run!!! Perfect training partner.
  • She shedded a lot of hair, to be found years later into our wardrobes.

Not all dogs are the same. A working dog is demanding for a regular household. Maguyak was happy staying over with us for few days, but she was happier on returning home to her pack.