Things to do…

Things to do in Iceland. Here we show you images of places you can visit before or after your tour with Dogsledding Iceland.

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Instructions on how to use this map (viewing it larger is advised) -click on the box that is to the furthest upper right hand side of the map to view it larger:
There are five layers on this map. To see all the layers click on the button in the top left corner. The first layers contains points of interest in the area. The second layer is driving instructions from Reykjavík to Hólmasel. The third layer is driving instructions for the basic Golden Circle tour from Hólmasel. The fourth layer is driving instructions on how to go to the Glacier Lagoon from Hólmasel. The fifth and final layer is driving instructions from Selfoss to Hólmasel in case you are travelling from the South Coast. To hide and show different layers click on the boxes next to the names of the layers (if they are visible there’s a little check mark in the box).
To make the map bigger click the bracket (next to your profile photo) in the top right corner of the map.

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