About us

Dogsledding Iceland was founded in 1997 under the name Dog Stream Tours. It became Dogsledding Iceland in 2007 when the ownership was transferred to Siggi.

We are the only dog sledding tour operator that runs tours all year round in the capital area of Iceland.

It is a family owned business whose main focus is on the wellbeing of their dogs.

Dogsledding Iceland also participates in dog sledding race organised in Iceland.

The Human Team


" Q "

The guy for everything / Guide


The Mother of all the Huskies/ Guide


Aunt of all the Huskies/ Driver of the DOG MOBILE


The Dog Team

Alaskan Huskies
Greenlandic Dogs

These dogs make our tours excel. We have +40 dogs total, including Alaskan husky, and Greenlandic dog. All of our dogs are either bred at the kennel or adopted, and are loved as members of the family.

DogSledding Iceland only operates a few tours per day, so that the dogs never go close to their limit, changing the route everyday to keep them interested and motivated. All of the dogs are born at the kennel and spend many months living with the owners to socialize them. They are all very friendly, well-trained and well-behaved dogs.

Alaskan husky

The most commonly used dog in dog sled racing, the latest version of the sled dog.

Mix breed, hound and pointer mix, and husky types or combination these.

These dogs are not as sturdy as some of the other sled dogs, because of shorter coat the cannot endure the same cold temperatures,  their paws are not as ruff and therefore need booties

Their shorter coat is an advantage, because when performing at this high pace, a double coat would make them overheat easily, short coat therefore helps them keep their temperature down. But since they are not as big as the other sled dogs, they are not as strong either; therefore you need to use more of these dogs.

Average running pace 13- 16km/h

59th most popular breed. 9 different colors.

Origin United States 

Racing dogs

Aka: The Ferrari

Greenlandic dog

One of the oldest dog breeds in the world they have been working for over 7000 years with the Inuit people.

Born and raised to pull heavy loads

Made to withstand the toughest weather on the planet,  temperatures down to -60C, hurricane force winds, nothing bothers them.

Average running pace 8 to 10km/h

Can pull 2- 3 time its own body weight

4 different colors.

Origin Greenland and Denmark  

Freight dogs

Aka: The Tractors

Siberian husky

The breed was recognized as sled dog after they saved a village in None where they brought a serum to save the children from difteria, before that they were called "Siberian Rats" due to their size of 40–50 lb (18–23 kg) smaller than other sled dogs

They are kind of a middle size sled dog and have great ability to handle the cold

They can not bark - they have a broken voice

Average running pace 10 - 13km/h

12th most popular breed. 6 different colors.

Origin Siberia 

Popular sled dog

Aka: The show dogs 



After our dogs wellbeing

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Catherine K.

If you love dogs you have to do this tour! The guides were lovely and the dogs were gorgeous and friendly! We went on dry land and had an amazing time, would love to go again in the winter! Thank you for a great tour!

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Scott Bennett

What an amazing experience. Great friendly staff, but more importantly the dogs were incredible, just loved attention. Having time to play with them was an extra bonus; the sled ride was amazing and the guide was full of information about both the dogs and the area! Highly recommend!

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Lisa Godfrey

An AMAZING experience! The staff was friendly, knowledgable, and had us laughing the entire ride. It was apparent the dogs were well cared for and enjoyed the trip as well. Would definitely recommend!

Our tours have been carefully crafted to fulfill your expectations. We know that we would not exist if it weren’t for you. The entire Dog Sledding Iceland team is thoroughly committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. As a company committed to excellence, your enjoyment is our purpose.


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