Pick-up locations

Pick up and drop off can be only done in authorized bus stops.

Below you can see a map of the designated bus stops and a list of the residence locations in Reykjavík with their designated bus stop.

If your residence location is not listed please contact us directly to find which stop corresponds to it, or if we are able to pick you up directly from the place you are staying while in Reykjavík.

You will find two different types of bus stops in Reykjavik, one is the authorized pick-up stop and the other is the local city bus stop. Be careful to look for the correct sign when going to your pick-up location.

Further information from Reykjavik municipality can be found at www.busstop.is

bus stop iceland signs

Find your bus stop on the map & detailed Pick Up / Drop Off information below

The pick-up process starts with our office preparing the pick-up list, you may receive an email the day prior to your tour to update your pick up time. The routes we take each time is dependent on how many pick-ups there are as well as where those pick-up points are located.

It might take up to 30 min for our driver to reach your pick-up point, so please wait patiently at your pick-up point from the start of the pick-up time in order not to miss it.

It is very important that you are ready outside.

We use different vehicles, some of them are not labeled. The driver will come and say your name at the pick up location. Be sure to enter a vehicule at destination of DogSledding Iceland.