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Welcome to Dogsledding Iceland

Home is where the dogs are!Dogsledding Iceland
For those travelling to the South Coast of Iceland, DogSledding Iceland caters to the romantic, the adventurer, the thrill-seeker, the young and the old alike.

Tours for Dog Sledding Iceland help provide for the kennels and farm these incredible athletes (huskies) live on!

The kennel (doghouse)is always easily accessible from Reykjavík, and you can either make your own way on a 4×4 or get transferred to and from your hotel by one of the guides.

The trips take place on open landscape offering breathtaking views – weather permitting, of course! In Iceland there are many many beautiful sights around the kennel to enjoy. You can go on a Golden Circle tour after dogsledding and witness gushing waterfalls, erupting geysers and the splitting of continental plates.
Groups are small to ensure a personal experience, so make sure to book well in advance, and remember, whichever tour you choose, belly rubs are mandatory!

A dog ride is a must for all visitors to the Land of Ice and Fire,” and is sure to be one of the highlights of your vacation.

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Get a taste of Dogsledding Iceland (One hour tour)

We operate on dry land or snow depending on Mother's nature generosity

We offer experience with sled dogs – in any case we CAN NOT guarantee it to be on SNOW even in winter.

Snow tour can not be guaranteed nor chosen even in winter.We operate on snow when the conditions are sufficient and safe for our four legged team

Only book if you are keen with DRY-LAND experience

Choose your

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Christmas period

16th December- 2nd January

Tours with transfer, no transfer and Golden Circle

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No transfer
You drive to our location

All year round (dog sledding or dog mushing on dry-land)

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We drive you to our location

Only upon request during summer/ autumn

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  • Dogsledding and Golden Circle


We drive you and take you on an extra tour

Only upon request during summer/ autumn


Visit the dogs.
Family friendly

Only when we are not operating the dog ride tours

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