Shades of Gray

The grass is greener at our kennel.

As mentioned in our last blog, Icelandic weather is unpredictable. Once there is good weather, it is better to take full advantage of it since it usually lasts only a day or two. the summer of 2018 had only 5 dry days. However, it is not always possible. What happens when the summer lasts long in Iceland?

June 2019 has been an exceptionally warm month for Icelanders. We had over 20 days with no rain, full of warmth and sunlight, what could have gone wrong?

People were mentioning that they were feeling odd as Iceland is usually cold and windy.

“Sun guilt” was the term that was used to describe the odd feeling. Feeling sun guilt means that one is not taking full advantage of being outdoors when the weather is nice. Sunny and warm days are not something we are used to in Iceland.

“I’m actually getting a bit tired of the sunshine and the need to constantly enjoy it, it’s so much pressure,” someone said in a closed Facebook group of expats living in Iceland.

After you try being outside for more than 20 hours a day to do what a parent should be doing -picnics, swimming, eating on the balcony, playing outside… it just gets tiresome.

We are so used to staying indoors watching tv, reading a book, working out, drinking a warm drink, etc. that warm weather actually becomes overwhelming.

“We need to have a few rainy days now for balance,” said another person in the closed group, and that is what we got on the 26th of June. Let me tell you that it feels so much better now!

We decreased our dogs run rate in June, and they were thankful. Imagine wearing a thick coat on an average of 20°C weather and running for about 10 km.

Why is our kennel happier after all? Because we work with passion. Our dogs are priority #1. They brighten up our days with each one of their personalities. We enjoy practicing dog sledding under any circumstance, no matter how the weather is.

And we truly do not feel sun guilty as we spend most of our day outdoors taking care of the kennel 365 days a year.